Meet the Gene Keys Society Team!

Our Society has an enthusiastic and committed team at its core. During 2017, many more opportunities will become available for individuals to serve in the Society. 

Our work builds on all that has gone before: many people inspired by the Gene Keys teachings have come forward over the years to help the wisdom spread in the world. We thank them all.

Our gratitude to members of the former Gene Keys .net team is profound. Amma, Elijah, Marshall, Teresa and Theo’s dedication and ongoing commitment to Gene Keys and community provide a living springboard for our growth.

Our deep gratitude also extends to the Transition Team: especially to Roberto Savio, Victoria Malvar, and Peter Lawrence. Their thoughtful deliberations during the period of their custodianship in 2015-16 produced a constitutional foundation for the Society that continues to assure its core stability and its further evolution within the framework of a truly global vision.   

The Custodial Council

As a non-profit organization, the Gene Keys Society has a governance body which is both non-executive and voluntary. This is known as the Custodial Council.

The Council holds fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the Society acts at all times in good standing with respect to its non-profit status. Unlike a private business, whose directors may also be shareholders, the Society’s ownership is vested in the community. The Custodial Council’s vision is to advise and support the Society to become self-organizing, consistent with the limits of non-profit law. In 2017 the Council will oversee formation of a Gene Keys Society Community Council, to which it will delegate operational governance.

Richard Rudd

Richard Rudd is an international teacher, writer and award-winning poet.   With a Masters degree in literature and philosophy, Richard is a born explorer and spent several decades travelling the world. He extensively explored the Americas, the Pacific, the Far East and the Arctic. As the Founder of the Gene Keys, Richard’s vision of the Gene Keys Society is that it will extend the Gene Keys teachings into philanthropic activities that will impact many cultures and communities all across the world. A non-conformist as well as a deep contemplative, Richard’s spiritual understanding is complimented by his devotion to everyday family life.

Read more about Richard Rudd


Jacqueline Sa

International corporate business veteran and forward-thinking leadership counsel. Dynamic and innovative entrepreneur. Award-winning author. Indefatigable humanitarian for awakening harmony with Earth’s civil rights, championing justice for all. A multi-lingual Chinese American, Jacqueline is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, along with English and French. She devotes her gifts as a diplomatic negotiator and a compassionate communicator to bridging East-West in cultures, business endeavors and eco-spiritual visions. A dedicated contemplator of Gene Keys, she actively advocates co-creative emergent undertakings, uniting the Tao of I-Ching wisdom with the evolutionary transmissions of Gene Keys.


Richard Sutton

Richard’s background is in the world of international motor racing and large scale event organization, but always dovetailed with his passion for creation and the nature of being. His early career was spent working in publishing before diversifying into television and then a decade from 1995 creating Goodwood’s famous auto events in the UK. Seven years of solo quasi-retreat in seven countries followed. Now back in the UK, he is preparing for his latest event venture next June. Richard first connected with Richard Rudd in March 2010. The recognition in mission and heartspace was instant, and they have been in regular creative contact ever since.


Midi Berry

Society Steward & Non-Voting Secretary for the Custodial Council

Midi Berry has lived and worked in five continents, playing diverse roles as university researcher, army wife, management consultant, small business owner, development worker, grid-worker, historical novelist and community co-creator. Equally at home working in Fortune 500 boardrooms, centers for deaf children, war widows and AIDs orphans in Africa, and spiritual exploration retreats, Midi lives with rock drummer husband Mark and cat OJ in California. She also loves hanging out with her five kids and their children in Australia, Corsica and Ireland. Midi values the capacity of Gene Keys lessons to help people develop inner stability during the Great Change.

Gene Keys Society Operations Team

Here below we invite you to meet other members of our Society operating team. Members like Elijah and Momo already perform several roles. In the case of Tanmayo, Pia and Heather, the detailed form, tasks and resource needs of the Society domains which they agreed to midwife into life and coordinate during 2017 have yet to be identified. We are grateful to have such an enthusiastic and experienced team, all of whom are inspired by and committed to sharing the Gene Keys teachings.   

Maureen ‘Momo’ Freehill – Membership Hub and Social Media

A lifetime of soulful embodiment, synarchic co-creativity, transformational movement, and virtuous self illumination. Loves and lives her daily dance adventures through landscapes near home and worldwide. A natural-born inventor, listener and guide with overarching interest in states of consciousness experienced through the physical body. Founded Gene Keys Voyagers Facebook group for international community support and dialogue. Enthusiastic ambassador for Gene Keys embodiment and education events. Butoh artist and mentor in Kazuo Ohno’s lineage. Founder of Butopia: Pacific Northwest Center for Embodied Arts in Nature and Essential Embodied Arts Training for NatureMoves. Speaks English, Japanese, Spanish and freestyle Body Language.

Tanmayo Lawson – Ambassador Circle

Tanmayo Lawson is an international speaker and presenter with over three decades experience in wellness, self-enquiry and transpersonal study. Born and raised in Scotland among grandparents in whom ‘the ancient mystic ways’ lived, Tanmayo learned early to ‘see with other eyes.’ Via meditation in Findhorn and Satori in India, she reached her long-term home in Australia, yet it was back in Europe during 2004 that she attended Richard Rudd’s first Venus Sequence retreat. Since then she has introduced people around the world to Gene Keys teachings, enabling them to actualise the great potential that already exists within their own heart.

Pia Mark – Delta Fellowship

Pia Mark has been a group leader and staff member of the Findhorn Foundation for nearly three decades. She embodies a holistic approach fed by a lifetime of passion and 30 years study of different approaches to health and wellbeing. A Seeker at heart, Pia has been involved with various kinds of personal development and spiritual practices most of her adult life. She has contemplated Gene Keys for 8 years, and organised the 2016 Pearl of Prosperity Gene Keys retreat at Findhorn. Pia’s experience, compassion and intuition make her a natural choice to lead the Society’s Delta Fellowship in 2017.

Heather Martin – Hall of Guilds

A spiritual journey through Christianity, Zen, Native American studies, Buddhism and astrology brought Heather in 2014 to Gene Keys contemplation, which she finds most useful to her growth. During a 14-year career as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Heather experienced a heart opening and became an abstract artist. After her Master of Fine Arts degree, she joined the family board of the Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, serving most recently for two years as president. Heather’s passion for collaborating in projects impacting humanity, combined with her flair for applied creativity, are invaluable assets for co-founding and leading the Hall of Guilds.


Elijah Parker – Web Architect, Media & Program Development

Elijah is a Tea Monk, Oracle, Community Leader, Musician, and the Web Architect for the Gene Keys, creating and curating content for this ever-evolving expression of the Transmission Embodied in Art, Music, Video, and Dance. Elijah is also the co-founder of OneDoorLand, an alchemical art sanctuary and media team in Portland Oregon. Elijah uses his skills in video production and editing, fractal animation, music production, and web design to create inspirational messages and educational experiences. OneDoorLand highlights artists, musicians, and projects through online media and event production to honor and uplift the amazing resources and inspirational leaders in our international community.

Welcome Team

Members of our Welcome Team are on hand to answer questions as you orientate yourself to the Membership Hub and interact in the forums.

All are passionate contemplators of Gene Keys and all are volunteering their services in a spirit of generosity and sharing which animates our worldwide community.

Society Members can ask questions and interact with the Welcome Team in our Questions and Support forum. You can also send them a private email message through the Contact Member Support Form in Contact Us.

Bobbi April

I’m 31 and live by the beach near Perth, Australia. The Gene Keys initially came to me in a vivid dream that I could never forget and am reminded of often by this beautiful community. The Gene Keys are an individual journey yet one that connects us all in the most profound way. It is an absolute honor to be here with you and have this incredible opportunity to be of service in the Gene Keys Society.

Jo Beall

Hailing from Portalandia in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, I love, Love, LOVE being part of the Welcoming Team, what a joy to embrace all who are drawn to this journey, this wandering into wonder… For the past year and a half, I’ve been deeply diving in the Seven Sacred Seals as a daily practice awakening ever more to the reality that everything is Grace….


Josephine Goffe

I grew up in London and have lived in St. Louis for 30 years. I started my career as nurse midwife and transitioned to integrative health, seeing the need for personal empowerment in wellness. This year, meeting the Gene Keys brought me face-to-face with lifelong patterns. I learned how they may cause illness and was able to clear ancestral shadows that were affecting me and my siblings. This experience has me happy to suggest that my clients contemplate the Gene Keys.

Lynne Hensler Harris

I am from California.  What I value from the Gene Keys is a quote from the book:  “The jewel of life is in our hands.” Chintamani. The Gene Keys have answered many mysteries in my life. We are here as a community to help each other find the jewel of our lives.

Cecilia Olling

I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. I have been on this life-changing journey with the Gene Keys for almost three years now. The gratitude I feel for the Gene Keys are beyond words. I look forward to warmly welcoming you as a member of our Society.

Elitsa Stoichkova

Greetings from Bulgaria! I’m happy to be here and share my Gene Keys journey with every one of you. The Gene Keys have helped me to remember and get back in touch with special childlike qualities that I felt I’d lost along the way. They give me the courage to face what I’d otherwise try to avoid and the opportunity to accept myself on a profound level as well as a deep love and appreciation for myself and others. You are always welcome to connect, share or ask me anything. Look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love to all!

Patty Vanourney

I live in Northern California in a remote area very near the Root Chakra of the World, Mt. Shasta!   Now entering my fifties, I am enthusiastic about my life and yours!  Born to inspire and encourage others, it gives me great pleasure to be involved with anyone exploring empowerment paths. Pairing this passion with the Gene Keys magnificence creates a future that will be unbelievably rewarding. I am happy to provide any assistance and say, “Your journey enhances mine!”

Gene Keys Customer Service

The Gene Keys Society is fortunate to draw upon the experience of Anton Saxton and his loyal team in, which has been responding for several years to customers by answering questions about Gene Keys, providing sales and after-sales service, and offering vital website technical support. We are delighted that the team has agreed to extend its customer service role to respond to Society enquiries. Have you ever wondered who are the diligent elves at work behind the scenes in Gene Keys? Well, here’s your chance to meet the team here!  

Ron Holder

A native and lifelong resident of the state of Michigan, and an only child, Ron has pursued various assignments with computers and the internet for decades, and took more of an interest in spiritual matters starting roughly a decade ago. He found a way to make use of both areas in supporting Richard Rudd’s wonderful work as the first person to be brought onto the Gene Keys support team. With a degree in physics, Ron is delighted to see how science and spirituality are beginning to merge as a new age of enlightenment unfolds. The Gene Keys exemplifies this with its melding of ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research into our DNA.

Japjeet Kaur

Japjeet Kaur is a Kundalini yoga teacher from Vancouver who is currently working at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India. She was introduced to the Gene Keys several years ago and loved them right away. She contemplates the Gene Keys regularly and always finds them relevant to understanding and transforming her current experience. She enjoys being part of the Admin Team and helping people connect to the Gene Keys teachings.

Rielle Pelletier

Rielle is a consultant, mentor and Well-Being Coach.  She teaches mindfulness utilizing Human Design and The Gene Keys.  She invites people to embrace their wisdom, health, wealth, and abundance through self-love, empowerment and empowered relationships. Working with the Mirroring Principle and her Women’s Group further fulfills her heart’s desire. Her background includes the corporate world, energy healing and massage. She lives in the beautiful Colorado Mountains with her adored husband James and Felix, The Cat.  She likes nature, dancing/music, cooking and loves relaxing into life, noticing and feeling into the deepest meaning moving through her at any given moment.

Anton Saxton

Anton has abseiled from large trees, designed self-levitating trains in his lunch hour and can cook 15 minute noodles in 12 minutes. He is a veteran in conflict resolution and an outlaw in the Vegan Society. He has walked on red-hot coals, slept through an earthquake and camped with hungry wolves and crocodiles. He claims to know the exact whereabouts of all the healthy food in the supermarket. To let off steam he manages time efficiently, holds corporations to account and practices the Chinese art of keeping fit whilst standing still. Yet he is still a complete novice…

Lesley Wolfe-Milner

Lesley was born in England and immigrated to Canada as a child.  She had a lengthy career in government, both the government of Canada in Ottawa and the British Columbia government in Victoria. She has a deep appreciation of music and nature. Lesley maintains a keen interest in spiritual matters and has hosted many spiritual events at her serene waterfront cottage.  Lesley, a member of the Gene Keys Admin Team since the fall of 2014, considers it an honour to serve the Gene Keys Organization by facilitating communication to its members and promoting Gene Keys across the globe.

Pam DeLeo

Pam’s early work life in Southern California began in dance, finance and marketing, aided by an MBA, to finally find her bliss in a 25 year bodywork practice working closely with psychotherapists. In 2011 a long desired simpler life included finding a profound resonance in the Gene Keys wisdom, and then accepting Richard’s invitation in 2013 to proof and edit for the work. Always a rebel, her feral soul is most happy in nature, deep connections, artistic endeavours, and life with her beloved partner husband on a little lake in Northern Idaho.

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