The Ambassador Circle

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. The Ambassador Circle is a strong global fellowship of such people from all walks of life. To become a part of this circle is therefore to embark on a powerful inner journey in which you will be supported by the ever-strengthening bonds of friendship and trust.

Ambassadors range from those who host events, create products, offer Gene Keys related services, or want to share the Gene Keys with new audiences.

The first chapter of the Ambassador Program will go live November 6th, 2017. If you are already sharing the Gene Keys in the world, or are interested in finding out more about the Ambassador Program, please sign up below for updates. By submitting your information here, you will receive an invitation to participate in the first version of our Ambassador program and to contribute to its further development and implementation through your feedback. 

Interested in Sharing the Gene Keys as an Ambassador?

This form is not a formal application to register as a Gene Keys Society Ambassador. We aim to build on the genius, experience and enthusiasm already alive in our Gene Keys community in developing our Ambassador Program during 2017. By submitting this form and sharing your information with the Society, you become an active participant and your input can play a vital role in our process. Thank you!

What Gene Keys Courses have you completed?
Activation SequenceVenus SequencePearl SequenceEpiphany ExperienceThe Seven Sacred SealsStar Pearl

If so, which of the following Ambassador roles interest you? (Mark as many as you like):
Philanthropic Ambassadors spread Gene Keys teachings without paymentAffiliate Ambassadors earn commission %s through Gene Keys product salesHost Ambassadors charge for workshops and events and pay a % royalty on their Gene Keys revenuesCreator Ambassadors follow an aesthetic/alignment process in developing Gene Keys related products, during which they agree and sign a custom licensing agreementMultilingual and Translation Ambassadors help spread the Gene Keys in their mother tongue language

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