The Hall of Guilds

Welcome to the Gene Keys Hall of Guilds. The notion of Guilds of Excellence and Learning is an ancient one. Here in the Gene Keys Society we strive to serve a vision of a better world and the Guilds are a means for us to bring that into physical manifestation. They allow us to gather together in groups, either within cultures or across cultures – for the purpose of exploring and extending our understanding of the Gene Keys.

Gene Keys Society Guilds are collective hubs of excellence and exploration based upon geographical location or specific projects and themes.


The Hall of Guilds will open by mid-2017

Interested in Starting a Guild?

This form is not a formal application to register as a Gene Keys Society Guild. By completing the form, you can help the Society to create and open our Hall of Guilds during 2017. We aim to welcome in group initiatives already alive in our Gene Keys community, as well as to encourage new guilds to form. Your input can play a vital role. Thank you!

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